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Silica Ramming Mass
Acidic Ramming Mass, also known as Silica Ramming Mass or Mix, is used in Coreless Induction Furnaces, for melting of scrap. It is a dry lining refractory that can be used for all types of iron and steel and in both mini steel plants as well as foundries.

SUDHARAM is a series of high performance Silica Ramming Mixes (also known as Acidic Ramming Mass in generic terms), designed to minimize erosion in induction melting. We are the first company in India to have a three-stage beneficiation, purification process plant and mixing plant. The highly controlled Silica and a particle size distribution has been kept at an optimum level, according to the furnace capacity and make, gives a high density, trouble free and consistent linings. We are the only company to have separate grade for different furnaces.

SUDHARAM is widely used in the low cost melting of ductile and malleable iron, Stainless Steel, Mild Steels, Low Alloy Steels, all types of iron foundry operations, ranging from periodic melting to continuous holding applications. In addition to being suitable for many iron alloys, such as Ni-hard, Ni-resist and chrome irons, it may also be used for selected high temperature nonferrous applications and is suitable for coreless induction furnace of all sizes and types.

SUDHARAM can be installed employing any one of the several techniques utilizing vibrators, mechanical impacting tools or hand ramming.

Chemistry of SudhaRam
Reactivity of the metal, sintering characteristics, reactivity temperature and strength of the lining has been kept in mind while formulating the Chemical composition of SUDHARAM. During service these grains transform to Tridymite and Cristobalite with a very large increase in volume. This places the partially constructed lining under high compression, forcing the particles very tightly together and making SUDHARAM refractory lining:

   Dense    Strong    Resistant to metal attack
The low to high temperature modifications of Quartz, Tridymite and Cristobalite take place rapidly. Above 1650° C, the volume of all forms of Silica remains relatively constant. This is why SUDHARAM linings show outstanding resistance to thermal spalling and cracking above this temperature.

Properties of SudhaRam
Grades are available in the range of 99 % Silica and above
   Grain Size
4 Mesh (BSS) (6 mm) and finer (Grading is available as per the furnace Capacity)
   Material Required
  134 lbs. Per cubic foot (2.30 g/cm3)  
   Installation Method
  Dry Ram or vibrate  
   Heat Set By
  Sinter @ 200 F/HR (111 C/HR)
Hold @ 2912° F (1600 °C) for one hour
   Temperature Recommended
  Sintering : 1200°C (2192° F)
Application : 1700°C (3092° F)
   Standard Packing
Packing in new HDPE/PP bags with 1 inner linings - lining of HDPE/PP liner. Net weight of bag 50 kgs.
Keeping in view the different needs, different types of scraps, end products and several other factors, we have got different grades of SUDHARAM.
   Sudharam ORM
This is the widely used grade of Silica Ramming Mix. Silica content here is in the range of 98.50 % to 99 %. This is the cheapest grade available. But performance is the best in its category.
   Sudharam PRM
This is the pre mixed version of SUDHARAM 08. We mix Boric Acid as per customer requirements, although the most common in India is 1.3 %.
   Sudharam EX
This is the widely used grade of Silica Ramming Mix. Silica content here is in the range of 99.70 % to 99.80 %. This is a special grade material. We take pride in saying that Ours is the only Company that manufactures this grade in India. This shows at least 30-40 % better results as compared to other Ramming Masses. This includes moisture proof packing.
   Sudharam EXP
  This is the pre mixed version of SUDHARAM EX.  
* Generally 1 % to 1.5 % Boric Acid is pre mixed and can be changed as per requirement. These include moisture proof packing.
   Classification on the basis of furnace capacity S, M and L types.
   All above grades are available in S, M and L grades.
Suitable for furnaces of 500 kg to 2 MT
Suitable for furnaces of 2.5 MT to 6 MT
Suitable for furnaces of 8 MT to 20 MT
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