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Tulysan Nec Limited, Chennai.
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Quartz Powder
Quartz is used in glass, optical fiber, semi conductors and ceramics. We offer in Lump, chips and powder form as per buyers specifications.
Chemical Composition
Hardness : 7.5 on MOH scale.
Mines are located in Karnataka Near Madhugiri.
Max. %
The products are processed through state-of-the-art plant, with high power rare earth magnets and available in all forms, such as :
   Flour ( Iron free processed)
  150, 200, 250, 325 upto 500 mesh.  
  Assorted or straight in the range of 4 -150 rnesh.  
Products are available in the above mentioned sizes. Different specification Quartz powder or Sand can be manufactured.

Fibre Glass Industries
Glass(Bottling Plant)
Float Glass
Sanitaryware, Ceramic Tiles
Silicon Carbide, Abrasives
Refractory, Paint
Flits, Glaze
Television Picture Tube
Electronic Industries
Semi Conductors etc.

Packaging Options
   Jumbo Bags : With international standards of strength, in 1.2 MT or 1 MT options
   Regular Bags: 50 kg bags or other options as per requirements.
Other Products
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